Health and Safety Compliance Auditor

Sep 10, 2020

Bestolife Corporation (BOL) is seeking proposals for an health and safety compliance audit at the BOL facility at 2222 Vanco Drive, Irving, TX 75061. The duration of the audit would include 1-1.5days on site and 1-2 days of preliminary preparation and post audit wrap-up.

The audit will include a site visit to BOL to perform a health and safety audit. The audit will include compliance with applicable environmental federal, state and local requirements. The audit will be schedule by the BOL EH&S Supervisor.

Audit Scope

  • Industrial Hygiene & Lead
  • Lockout tagout
  • Confined space
  • Fall protection
  • Cranes and mobile equipment
  • Review of records relevant to the above focus areas (e.g. training, confined space entry permits, etc.)

Audit On-Site Activities

  • An opening conference with BOL Management to review the nature and objectives of the audit.
  • A physical walk through of the site evaluate site conditions.
  • Review of relevant documentation and employee interviews.
  • A review of the previous site audit will be conducted to determine the status of prior finding sand action items.
  • A written preliminary draft report of findings.

Post Audit Activities

Preparation of a spreadsheet summarizing the audit findings. Findings will be categorized into priority levels according to urgency for corrective action as described below:

Priority Level Facility Response Description
Priority Action Required Repeat “A” finding from Prior year
Regulatory Compliance Issue
Priority Action Required Items perceived to pose a significant level of potential risk to employee, the environment, or risk of enforcement action.
Administrative or Programmatic
Action Required Items perceived to pose a moderate level of potential risk to the environment, or risk of enforcement action.
Minor Improvement
Long Term Action Items perceived to pose a low level of risk to the environment.
Opportunities for
Optional Action Items that are not enforcement actions, but opportunities to improve plant compliance

Questions and proposals may be submitted to Maria Moreno at